"When I was first sent the information about the [Mothers' Respite] weekend, I was so touched that someone had actually thought about the impact on us as mums and carers of our wonderful but challenging children. So often we spend our lives on the defensive and feeling judged and doubting ourselves. The best part of the weekend was being with other mums who you knew 'got it', who were having to deal with crappy situations but were still able to reach out to support other people and to make each other laugh. It was also a treat to be in such a beautiful setting, to be able to sleep without interruption for two nights straight and to be fed so well."

"I feel the most relaxed I have felt in the last 10 years. I am rejuvenated and most noticeably positive (which I haven't been in such a long time). I really feel that this positiveness will make our house a happier and calmer home. It was wonderful to meet mums in similar situations, to be relaxed and speak of our life without being judged, and learn from each others' experiences. I feel like today is the first day of the rest of my life, and I cannot thank you enough."

"I am feeling on top of the world and very calm and relaxed. The weekend is so vital for us mums with challenging children and what we need from time to time to recharge and meet others who are just the same. The best part of the weekend was meeting with all the other wonderful ladies who just knew what we were all going through and didn't judge, just understood and offered their advice from their experiences. I cannot express enough to everyone that I know just how wonderful it was and how right now I feel I can take on the world again, even though on Friday I was completely worn out and felt so useless that I wasn't able to give my son the support he needs. I know I can now."

"Just wanted to add my warmest thanks for inviting me and for organising such a special retreat. Even though I was there for just the first half, I came away feeling so different. I think it was the thought-provoking subjects and shared experiences that resonated so well, and I will always remember my session with Suzie, which was extraordinary in the truest sense. On returning home, life has had the capacity to go back to being testing but somehow, even several days on, I seem to have found a renewed energy that I had not thought possible."

"The therapists were fantastic and extremely beneficial. I came home feeling very relaxed. Dunford House and its grounds were beautiful and very comfortable, the meals and homemade cakes were delicious. The perfect place for the weekend."

"I'm in total awe of all the amazing mums there. I knew a bit about ADHD before coming along but hadn't fully appreciated just how difficult it was. Hearing real 'stories' from mums really brought the message home. I feel privileged to have been part of the weekend."
Judith Reid (trainer)

"It was a privilege to be invited to train and participate in this weekend."
Suzie Thomson (trainer)

"Jordan had a great day yesterday at Sayers Croft. Thank you for organising it for him to go. It's really good for him to go on these events as it helps with his confidence and friendship building as well as being great excercise and experience. He also had a great time fishing, and this has opened up more socialising skills that benefit him greatly.

"Finding The Studio and getting your support has really been helpful, as before I felt like I had come to the end of the road! I understand my son's behaviour more now and realise he's not always being difficult because he chooses to, and I don't take it all as personally now. Our relationship has improved greatly, although I know we have a long way to go. Your support helps me be more patient with him.

"You do great work at The Studio and I want to thank you for all your help and support!"
Christine (mother)

"Attending the activity days have been a very valuable and therapeutic experience for my child. He felt accepted by everyone involved – children, parents and staff alike – and that he was a valid and genuine member of the group rather than feeling on the periphery.

"He attempted activities never tried before and overcame any anxieties or fear of failure with the great support and encouragement of dedicated staff and fellow group members. The activities are a great way to develop life skills and illustrates that with persistence and determination anything is possible.

"At the end of the day, my child came away feeling happy, confident and postive and with a great sense of achievement – something that is priceless!"
Mandy (mother)

"I have found her excellent help and support, able to offer a wide range of counselling therapies and to have a unique insight into the problems faced by teenagers..."
Dr G D Kewley (Consultant), Learning Assessment Centre, Horsham

"Prior to counselling sessions with Nancy, his self-esteem was at an extremely low ebb. He dealt with most situations in a very agressive manner, was totally impulsive, and completely unaware of people's feelings.

"Repeated appointments with psychiatrists, psychologists and consultants failed to help my son. In fact, he would leave these sessions in a very stressed, anxious and aggresive state. He would dwell on things that he had got wrong in the past, and felt unable to move on and leave it all behind.

"Since counselling sessions at The Studio, I have seen many positive changes in my son. He has recommenced his medication and has noticed the difference in himself. He has started a new job... setting himself new goals... more aware of his actions on the people around him, and will readily apologise. This is something very new."
Helen Mahoney (mother)

"Together with other young men with similar difficulties, my son has participated in workshops and video sessions at The Studio, which has helped with his self-esteem. He has come to realise that he is not alone, not a freak, but an intelligent human being who has a lot to give back... Nancy's therapy sessions do not dwell on the past, but offer motivation, recognition of personal skills and qualities, and enable young men like my son to believe in themselves."
Brenda Charlton (parent and trustee)

"This organisation (The Studio) fills a very important gap in provision. It provides a variety of psychological treatment for teenagers and young adults up to the age of 25. The interventions offered include dealing with difficult emotions, dealing with practical problems that require organisation, and handling relationships. The psychological techniques used have been demonstrated as appropriate for individuals with ADHD."
Dr Q Spender MB, DCH, MRCP, MRCPsych

"Mrs Williams undertook work with this individual and his family, providing support, advocacy, helping him to understand his condition, and providing a place in which he could meet other young people with similar needs. In my opinion she was an essential component in this individual's rehabilitation... As case manager it is my opinion that there is a clear need for the provision of a service specifically aimed at young people with ADHD, assisting them and their families. Such a specialised service, which can be targeted at those in need and contribute towards a risk reduction strategy, is currently not available in any other form."
Case manager, West Sussex Probation

"My husband and I took our 12-year-old son to The Studio believing he was cursed with ADHD, and we all left with a different perspective of the condition, realising his potential, and understanding the positive aspects of having ADHD."
Jeannie (mother)

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Our "Preventative Action is Cost-Effective" (PACE) report presents the economic and social arguments for providing early intervention and preventative services for children and young people with ADHD, high functioning autism and related learning disabilities in Surrey.

The Studio's multi-systemic approach has been shown to achieve positive outcomes in such cases and, as this report shows, it has the expertise to fill this gap in special needs provision.

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Following a period of research among parents, carers and young people who completed online surveys and attended stakeholder events across Surrey between July and October 2014, Surrey's Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) has produced its Engagement Report, which summarises key messages regarding perceived unmet needs and priorities for the service.

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